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Martinameetstones. A project to meet The Rolling Stones

I finally get back writing, this is a particularly busy time, with my daughter Linda but I never forget my dream: I would like to meet The Rolling Stones!

The dream

In november 2015 I had a dream that I want to tell you briefly: thanks to a #martinameetstones hashtag I met The Rolling Stones in a space and a place undefined! You know how dreams are, surreal and yet reality. 

That morning I told it to my colleagues and family as the #martinameetstones hashtag continued to rub my head; within a few hours I decided to open an instagram account and I sent a video to the Rolling Stones.

No sooner said, than done.

At the same time I asked people to give me a hand, the idea is that if people use the #martinameetstones hashtag, the chances that the Stones will see my request increases.

Now, life is odd, I could open a channel to ask for a new car, that mine is pretty old but this dream seems so authentic, light and deep that I decided to pursue it.

Martinameetstones goes to London

Why I’m following this dream?

Some people asked me what my purpose is. The answer is simple, I’d like to get to meet these living legends, The Rolling Stones, and have a chat with them. I deal with music everyday and talking with them would be a wonderful thing, I would really like to meet the Band but if that does not happen at least I will have tried it.

Dreaming dreams can be applied to anything, I think about the cyclist Fabio Aru, my compatriot who, with so many sacrifices, has decided to invest his life in a very important dream by making it a job.

You will probably thinking that I can’t compare a dream like mine to a life choice like Fabio’s.

And you’re right but…

As you know there are very important dreams that can be described as real life projects like Fabio Aru dream and other dreams, one shot, carefree, like mine.

Two different things, of course, which in any case cannot be realized by themselves.  

These 3 years I have been in contact with people from all over the world like Philippines, Chile, Canada, England, Massachusetts, Brazil, Ohio, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, New York. Some of them told me about how they knew The band or their passion, their favourite record etc.

So what?

We always complain about the money, the place where we live, the taxes, the neighbors or the Church bells on Sunday mornings.

You know!

But we must concentrate our energies on the positive things and if we do not have anything good around the corner we have to create something.

Life must have macic moments here and there.

Why not? We need some beauty as we struggle for daily things, We must give ourselves a chance to realize dreams. 

If you want to help me to chase my dream, take a photo or video using the #martinameetstones and #therollingstones hashtags

Ps: you can find me on instagram and facebook

A Kate Stone interview. Technology, musical experience and the fun of Play!

I discovered Kate Stone watching a Sky Art documentary about technology. She basically tranform the user experience of playing music in something affordable for everyone, without learning instruments and without being Academic. She also wants to transforme the usual user experience ito something new. She founded Novalia, where her team uses ordinary printing presses to manufacture interactive electronics, which combine touch-sensitive ink technology and printed circuits into unique and cost-effective products. I was so impressed that after finising it I immediately sent her an email to arrange an Interview.

Novalia’s technology adds touch, connectivity and data to surfaces around us. We play in the space between the physical and digital using beautiful, tactile printed touch sensors to connect people, places and objects. Touching our print either triggers sounds from its surface or sends information to the internet. From postcard to bus shelter size, our interactive print is often as thin as a piece of paper. Let’s blend science with design to create experiences indistinguishable from magic.

Before taking about your  project I would like to know who you are to present yourself to my readers. I know you are a clever engineer so please

I have been through a lot of challenges but I don’t wish to have been different. I have being unlucky when I wanted people to understand me my ideas  so when I was at school i Failed my exams. At that time I also did not understand who I Was so why would I expect the others to undestand me? So I disappeared to Australia for 4 years travelling  to know myself or become myself. Well I had to let something go as all the expectations. When you know you give yourself a chance to become  who you actually are but you have to let go expectations!

Well i don’t know people needs to be reflected in the image the others have, but is common in everyone. everyone has to face the process of building a personal point of view of life an themself. Everyone needs to be free to express himself.

When you have  nothing to lose   you can  change.  During 10 years of my life I lost Everything so I made some challenges emotionals, physicals and to all life and I had some intenses experiences:

  • I quit my job because I needed to have more, so I went to my garage and I start building my own project. I decided my plan was to have no plans. I needed freedom to express myself through my science. I wanted to be an explorer in science, expecially in “User experience” with no idea, no plan. I was so scared, so insecure but I had to go for it. People in their suite are all the same, but my question was who are you? You know? When I worked for someone else it was like I had this task to complete and I felt the same as other people even if I wasn’t. When you work in your own you don’t have that expectations but is also quite scary. It was hard but necessary.
  • I changed gender from male to female but I don’t want talk about it, but you know it was part of the journey.
  • I had a crazy accident and I have being in Coma and I also had a Journey back from this experience.

Wow, that’s strong but you are here with your smile, your ideas, you know, this is powerfull.

Yeah, one thing I knew is that I wanted to create things that make people smile. When people touch things and smile is like an adult that becomes a child.

When I watched the documentary about you on Sky Arte I was smiling, you know, this woman has an hat that is like a consolle… (Kate put the hat on her head). Well, you use this hat, a notebook, posters and common stuff to make something different. What was the input for tranforming these things in unespected experiences?

If i had to use one word it’d be curiosity. Im’cusrious about how things work and i’m also curious about the people interact with things. About people makes music. I’m also curious about future, past, universe. Things are like a Gigsaw. Do you kno the Christmas ball with the snow? Imagine every piece of sow as a gigsaw piece. Well sometimes while am sleeping or awake i see all that pieces going around and start falling down and they fit toghter.

As the Tetris?

Yeah is like that but you have to shake it all al let your mind be relaxing so your ideas will start happening. Well I was interested in how print things so my question was: How to use printing to manufactured electronics? when I left my old job, where by the way I printed plastic objects, I use that method that they used to create new materials, and it was nothing new. To clear one of my questions was How can I look to the things we already done and be creative? But the question wasn’t “how can we print electronics” but How can we add electronics to print? So I invented an electronic printing machine that adds electronics to books, posters, newspapers, magazines… is an additional thing to normal things.

Kate shows me the music notebook and i say “I want it, is my favourite, with that my interviews well become more musicals!”

Everyday objects were the most interesting thing. One of my initial ideas was o print time in newspapers. It could be useful for people who’s on the train or have an appointment. But that was only the start. It was to expensive i couldn’t do it but my mind was in the right place.

I’m thinlking about ebook, you know, it is like transforming a thing. You thid another thing. You change normal things. You change the experience we have for everyday things!

So the time in the newspaper was so important, it moved my mind into a different box. Before it it was like 10 years exploring.

You’re like an Indiana Jones!

Yes (she smiles) you have to be brave because tehre are lots of monsters out there. Danger. I don’t know how my mission is.

The thing I love in your job is that you have a Full spectrum of creativity: Art, Tecnology, User Experiece, Music… You have an Artistic approach to Tecnology.

In my life when I approach things is strange. Is like people do thigs as they always have been done. I do the things in my own way because it is me in the most affective way. You know beside my work people was very unkind with me. Expecially after my accident but my way to approach them was kind. I’m not hatefull. My friends told me “how can you be so kind with this rude people?” But it made things change. Finally i connected with them and hask me to join their team about newspapers rules. How can y develop what i develop without art? For me this is the only way to make this thing work.

I would like to know your point of view about society participation because you are bringing music to the collectivity in a new way.  What’s your vision of this project now that’s reality?

Tecnology as any musical instrument has a body language or object language that tells people how they have to use it. I like when things are so intuitive that people feel invited to use it, to play with them and start to have some kind of musical approach, petty emotional with no need to study it before. You Know if you have a Violin you must study it!

If you want to know more about her projects just go to her website audioposter

Exhibitionism. The Review of Rolling Stones exhibition




I certainly could not lose The Rolling Stones Exhibitionism, I followed it on the web since the beginning. So last week I flew to London, for a few days. I have several friends in town but one in particular, Marcello, is  A Stones fan as me, so I waited two days until he had an entire day off to come with me at the Saatchi Gallery.

Exhibitionism, the exhibition about The Rolling Stones

Exhibitionism is a journey through more than 50 years in which, through objects, music and suggestions is recreated a magical atmosphere and  the chameleon Rolling Stones’s style. In practice, is not only a display of objects, it is more like walking along their career in a dynamic and interactive way, as well as fun.

The exhibition is divided into nine thematic rooms with more than 500 objects ranging from personal diaries, tools, costumes and notes they took while recording in studio. But there is something more, like some stages prototypes and Art Covers.

Exhibitionism exposition 1-4

Rooms number 1 and 2 Ladies & Gentlemen + Guitars

The Start of the exhibition is characterized by a first room with a huge neon sign “Ladies and gentlemen,” and on the two sides walls are respectively indicated in a dynamic video / sound way all the albums and the map with the tour kilometers covered in the 54-years of their career. An exciting, powerful and evocative introduction even for those who know them very well.

After that, immediately, you are catapulted into a second room with walls covered with guitars.

The first guitars that I observed are those of Keith Richards that are a summary of his sound evolution, from the first Epiphones, to Gibsons, Fenders and a fantastic handmade five-string guitar.

In the room there is a beautiful  Mick Jagger’s acoustic guitar that you can easily find in the Nellcôte photos during Exile on Main Street sessions and some of his harmonics. Finally there are Ronnie Wood’s beautiful guitars.  

At this point the room seems to end but at the center there is something like a Tablet with headphones that simulate a multi 8-track in which you can listen to 8 tracks of the band including Angie, Sympathy for the Devil and others. With the mixer you can isolate all the tools or, if you like, you can mix it up. I had a lot of fun playing that! Marcello and I were there for a while.

exhibitionism ladies and gentlemen

Room number 3 Edith Grove

Now you will be ready to back in Time to the ’60. Rewind the clocks because in a few steps you will arrive in the first battered house where the Rolling Stones have lived at the beginning of their career.

Meticulously rebuilt according to the band memories, Edith Grove, is like the start of the games. In this room you will find  Keith Richards’ notebooks, the first record agreement and the first LP recorded with the name of The Rolling Stones. There are photos, posters and a glittering Charlie Watts drum set.  That’s an Emotion after another. Believe me.

exhibitionism rolling stones

Room number 4 Recording

In this room you’ll find yourself outside a recording studio, rounded by notes, recorders and the first Long Playing (prototype) of Exile in Main Street. If  you are intrested like me in technology, you can also listen to the memories of the band plus Don Was, the current Rolling Stones producer, who will talk about how the huge reel to reel sixties has rapidly switched to lower case and digital technologies. Very interesting is the Keith Richards memory about the multi-track evolution from 2 to 24 tracks. He talks about this subject even in his book Life. At this point you will think that the show is over however you have to climb to the another floor to continue your journey.

stonesism saatachi gallery

Room number 5 Film & Video

Posters and videoclips tell the story of the band from Scorsese’s Shine a light down to Sympathy for the Devil realized by Jean-Luc Godard. Artists who are interested in other artists. Interesting interview with Martin Scorsese.

Room  number 6 Art & Design

This room is dedicated to contamination, the typical Rolling Stones attitude they had since their debut. They have always carefully chosen the artists whose flank for the realization of the album covers and stuff related to the band.

You will pass from the homonymous LP recorded in 1964 to Let It Bleed and the hilarious gestation for the beautiful Some Girls cover. This section of the exhibition has room as well for the prototype of Exile on Main Street cover realized by Robert Frank. You will also find the exciting first drawings that sign the birth of the legendary logo, designed by John Pasche, at that time student of the Royal College of Art.

The Stones have always been the creative people who have been joined by other artists such as Andy Wharhol who designed some of the most famous covers for the Stones as Sticky Fingers and Love You Live. At this point of exhibitionism you will find the Stages evolution with a lot of original models proposed to the band by artists and architects. The most impressive is, in my opinion, the one created for Bridges to Babylon where I stopped for a long time. Not that the Stones are in need of  a special stage to stand out, I would like to joing them in the pub around the corner! However, the intelligence with which Stage as been studied is really impressive. That’s for me a new point of view on their history and now I want to know more about.

Room number 7 Style and Costumes

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-19 at 16.08.26 (1)
That’s me while thinking about photos where Mick Jagger is wearing these clothes


This part of the exhibition presents historical clothes of the band. Marcello and I have not taken photos inside the exhibition because we were too much involved in the experience. However, he took this one while I was admiring Mick clothes.  Tweed, velvet and lace have quickly given way to Mick’s stretch clothes and Keith Richards famous spotted jackets used during Voodoo Lounge sessions. The result is a faboulous blaze of fabrics and colors, as the years they just rolled by with changes of style. Not only in music.

Room number 8 Rare and Unseen

Here you’ll find rare objects and some stuff never seen before like the portable Keith Richards’ wardrobe that seems to belong to a pirate or a small toy from early XX century, a little Charlie Watts drum set. You’ll also find the barber’s chair, some of Ronnie Wood paintings and other beautiful stuff.

Room number 9 Peformance 3D

You’ll finally land in the Back Stage full of guitars, amplifiers, monitors, guitar cables, dressing rooms and then… a lovely 3D Final!

Costs and info

The Exhibition is much larger than I expected, with the 9 rooms where I spent more than 4 hours and a half. The ticket costs 23 pounds (about 30 dollars), and you’ll find Exhibitionism in the Saatchi Gallery in London, but you are almost in a hurry because it will definetly close on September 4 to fly and conquer The world.

Next Stop is New York, where it will open in November. For more details about The Exhibition please visit the official website.

Just found a Great The Rolling Stones Radio!